Reflecting Upon Norwegian Food

Life would not be full without sea food. It will work for any mood or any holiday. Any alcohol: beer, wine, vodka, cognac... And the tastiest fish lives in cold water. And the colder water, the tastier fish.
That's the reason you may envy Norwegians. They have the cold sea and tasty fish. Very tasty! Bull trout, Atlantic salmon, halibut, ocean perch, goosefish and pike, lancet fish, blue ling, pollack, turbot, haddock, scomber, mackerel, herring, plaice ... Don't forget crabs, shrimps and scallops. So many delicacies!
The way from Tromso to Nordkapp along the sea coast has so many fishing boats! And it's not a surprise!

The catch is being dried

And one question, so much fish and no caviar? Why?
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