Top 5 Images by Street Artist

5. Looters, New Orleans
New Orleans

Banksy produced a series of paintings around New Orleans to commemorate the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Following the devastation, there were reports of looting but many people said that this had been exaggerated by the media. There was also criticism of the government’s response to the needs of the people. Here, National Guard soldiers help themselves.
4. CND Logo
Old Street, London

Banksy likes to juxtapose contradictory images to make a political statement. The CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) logo is universally recognized as a symbol for peace. This is another image that has
been removed.
3. Girl Frisks Soldier
Israeli West Bank Barrier

In 2005, Banksy produced a series of images on the Israeli concrete security barrier as a protest against its construction. The images are on the Palestinian side of the wall and include depictions of ‘what life could be like on the other side of the wall’. Some work was removed. Banksy reported that Israeli soldiers pointed guns at him as he worked.
2. One Nation Under CCTV
West End, London

The abundance of CCTV cameras is a controversial issue in the UK. Banksy produced this piece next to a camera at a Post Office yard, and so was being watched whilst he worked! It was his biggest work in London at the time. Westminster City Council ordered the work to be painted over and this was carried out in April 2009.  Several Banksy images refer to street surveillance.
1. Window Lovers
Bristol, England

This is Banksy in a playful mood. The stencil painting appeared on the wall of a sexual health clinic on Park Street. The window is in keeping with the design of the real windows in the building. The enlightened local council took the trouble of organizing a poll of Bristol’s residents, asking them if they wanted the image to remain or be removed. It was a landslide yes to allowing it to remain and it’s one of the artist’s most famous works. It now attracts tourists to the area.


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