Nan Lian Garden: Harmony Found In Hong Kong

Nan Lian is a cosy little garden with tiny towers, a vegetarian restaurant, souvenirs shop, a pond with golden fish,  twisting paths dividing the hills of the park. You may come here for calmness, beauty, solitude, harmony, all together.

The tree strewn with rice.

Behind the "waterfall" is the restaurant of vegetarian cuisine, you may sit inside, eat and watch water trickling down the other side of the window.

Menu of the restaurant

The paths of the park divide some hills: Elm Hill, Dragon Hill, Pagoda Tree Hill...

There is a very beautiful pond in the park...

In the pond cute fish are living.

Another part of the pond is being constructed.

You'll ask how they manage to keep it that beautiful and clean? Just read the regulations followed in the garden.

And quite interesting - that is how toilet signs look like.
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