A Lesson In Nepal

  We've already seen a lesson in Cambodia, now let's move to Nepal and discover what spiritual values pupils have there.

This is a little village Gandruk hidden among the Himalayas.

Not for all children the way for knowledge is easy. Some pupils go to school from neighbouring villages for 1,5-2 hours. There are no buses, children have to get over mountains, forests and follow the slippery paths in any weather.

This school has 8 classes with 15-25 children in each class. Every morning all pupils gather for the line-up in the school yard and sing the national anthem of their mother land. And only then run joyfully to classrooms.

Teachers are friendly and not strict at all. Pupils and teachers greet each other in English.

Practically all teachers are paid by the state. The primary education is free, children go to school gladly and like English and maths lessons most of all.

A classroom occupies a little room, windows are without glass and desks are wooden and old.

Chidren do their tasks then come up to a teacher and get a new one. The pure air and mountains around. 

The literacy rate in Nepal is only 43%. Only one the most erudite pupil from the 9th class will have the right to enter an institute. During the last years the Nepal government changed its priorities to the educational side.

Another Nepal school near the Annapurna peaks.

This village exists for the money from travel business and small agriculture. It is pleasant to say that villagers have medical posts with the whole list of medicines.

In senior classes places for legs are not enlarged.

A little concert in the cosy school yard in Patan.

Pupils of a city school.

After school.

The country of happiness.

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