Technical Museum Of Berlin

The German Technical Museum is the youngest museum of Berlin. It is located in the bulding of the former railway station Anhalt. The museum is divided into main zones - devoted to aeronautics, shipbuilding, railway transport and -TV and - photo industry. Each department, in its turn, reveals many related sections: chemical industry, heavy industry, transport, computer technologies, automatization etc.

Legendary scooter


Try to sit on it.

The museum occupies a huge territory and it takes too long to see everything here.

In the railway section there are 40 exhibits: cars, steam engines...

Various compartments of the previous and before last centuries.

One may get into a repair pit and see the locomotive bottom.

The size of the railway model impresses!

Ancestor of "Sapsan"

Ship latrine

A very interesting exhibit in the department of sea transport - a miniature submarine of Hitler's Germany carrying two torpedoes and controlled by one person. 

View from the inside through a window.

A person inside could only sit and ... breathe...

A German two-seater sports biplane Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann".

A part of the covering is dismantled for demonstrativeness.

MIG of the times of German Democratic Republic.
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