Interactive Museum In Hong Kong

Hong Kong scientific museum is widely popular due to numerous interactive show-pieces.

The energetic machine is installed on the first floor of the museum and consists of interwoven reinforcing tubes and bronze cylinders. When the machine is set into action one gets easily fascinated by endless movement of balls.

Illusions in the world of mirrors.

It is allowed to touch the show-pieces which can be used while teaching schoolchildren physics.

Distorting mirrors.

Take a picture of your reflection in the mirror.

Exhibition called "Marvellous Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci" was held from October to February and included 5 conditional areas such as "War", "Hydraulics", "Flight", "Studio of Leonardo" and "Mechanics".

General view of the "War" area.

How diving started up.



Inner construction.


Pictures in the "Studio of Leonardo". Find the difference between two similar pictures of Mona Lisa.


General view.



The earliest bicycle was invented by Leonardo.

Flying butterflies on the screen.

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