Happy Birthday, the Queen of the Netherlands!

The 30th of April is the day when Holland celebrates its favourite holiday - Queen's Birthday (Konninginnedag).
Queen Beatrix has been rulling the country more than 20 years already and her influence on the political life of the Netherlands is enormous. In 2000 it was 110 years of the continuous governing of Holland by queens. Though this "tradition" cost the Netherlands the crown of the Luxemburg dukedom where accoding to the law, throne succession in the female line was forbidden. Its own royal dynasty appeared in the Netherlands only in 1815. Three Wilhelms had changed on the throne before 1890. And then came the turn of women.
After the queen dowager Emma's mother the throne was taken by Wilhelmina who reigned during the two world wars. In 1948 she gave the crown to her daughter Juliana who agreed to recognise the independance of Indonesia and Surinam who afterwards abdecated the throne giving it to Beatrix.
The 30th of April is the birthday of Juliana, but not Beatrix, who was born in January, 31st. For 32 years of Queen Juliana's governing the Dutch got used to celebrate her birthday in April, 30th and when her daughter Beatrix became a queen she didn't change the date of the holiday.

Each citizen has an orange costume for this day. Orange is the color of the royal house d'Orange-Nassau. They decorate streets with ribbons, garlands, balloons and flags - and all of them are orange.
Inflatable crowns, orange of course too, are in great demand as well. National flying flags and portraits of the queen are everywhere.

Orange staff are sold everywhere.

Someone even dye their hair red...

Special costumes for pets are not rare too.

On this day in the Netherlands Free Market is held too. By a special order of the queen in April, 30th all stores may sell goods without VAT. So on the last day of April everything may be bought 30% cheaper.

Kids can earn too, theyarrange mini concerts.

Children enjoy sweets.

Hundreds of people are sailing by boats.

This boat even has a DJ.

Noisy music everywhere.

Big concert on the central square.

Disabled people can have fun too.

Composting toilets for men have such an open light construction...

Police has no right to interfere, they patrol the streets to prevent serious incidents. However they happen really seldom.

Spring in Amsterdam

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