Hens' Fate In Morocco

  We've already seen how hens live and die in Iraq and what about Morocco? It it the same? The following pictures are exactly not for animal lovers or for nervous people, there will be blood, poor hens and rabbits. But it not so terrible indeed.

It seems that all towns in Morocco are just big markets where tourists can not only buy exotic food but also have a good time or find new friends without knowing the Arabic language.

There no problems with fresh meat in Morocco.

Poultry rows.

Luxurous houses for hens.

A stylish design.

Do you see rabbits? Yes, they live together with hens and cocks.

Like in Iraq a buyer chooses a hen himself.

Then it is weighed.

Later on...a hen's head is chopped before your eyes.

A  nonchalant man puts the hen into the boiling water and plucks it.

And that is all. It is time for eating!

Sellers do not have fridges, so all meat is fresh.

These nice men can make mincemeat for you.

Attention to a sticker on the balance.

The same story is with fish: catch and sell.

Cats are always fed.
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