Bruges - the Cemetery of Umbrellas

It was founded in 852 by count Baldwin The Iron Arm. In present days Bruges is a large tourist destination of Belgium. Cute, hospitable, friendly Bruges. A lot of shops where famous Belgian chocolate may be bought.
It's pleasant just to walk along its streets without any map. And it's diffucult to lose your way here because the old center is not big and surrounded by a canal.
Besides, hiring a bicycle is a great idea, cyclists have many rights and cars always give way to them. Don't forget your camera - something interesting can be seen at each corner.

But this post is mostly about sad umbrellas of Belgians. Why? When it starts raining here, the wind is very strong and many umbrellas break. Belgians throw them away and buy new ones. That's why in rainy days Bruges is such a cemetery of umbrellas...

Most of all thrown out umbrellas at the stores where they are sold.

Some of them have just been bought...

Even if an only spoke is broken an umbrella is not needed anymore...

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