The Blue Town Of Morocco

Shefshauen is a little town located on the slopes of Reef Mountains in the north-west of Morocco. First of all the town is famous for its ancient part, where almost all houses are painted various tints of blue. Besides, nearly the half of all Moroccan grass is grown here.

The town was founded in 1471 and till 1920 it had been visited only by three strangers!

Today Shefshauen is a beloved place for tourists, but still it preserves its uniqueness.

Houses of Medina (ancient city) are painted blue in the lowest part.

April is a blossom time in Shefshauen, there are many flowers in the town.

As the town is in the mountains it's often cloud-capped.

Like in all Morocco, there are many cats here...

...and children...

The houses are often restored and painted.

Local aqsaqals

One of the hotels: 5 USD per one.

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