Around the Waters of the Indian Ocean

To come to India and not to see the Indian Ocean - is absolutely wrong. In this post - photographs from the eastern coast of India, Puri city.

There is a huge recreational sand here stretching along the coast for many kilometers. The water is warm, the weather is good, but Hindus don't like to bathe for some reason. 

Unlike Europeans...

Street vendors offer various food: cucumbers, bananas, local vegetarian patties. 

Fishers with a catch always gather many people around.

Noone will leave without fish.

The village of fishermen is not far away from the main beach and looks miserable in fact. People live a very poor life. Houses are made of concrete with roofs of palm leaves. They are almost empty inside...

Boats are stretching up to the very horizon. All the coast is in garbage. Here, literally 2 meters from the ocean, is the public toilet.

Anyway it's a good place.
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