Queens of Red Lights: Rare Photos

  A red-light district is a part of a city where prostitution and other kinds of sex industry prosper. It is named after the lights which stand in the windows of brothels.
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Right behind the skyscrapers of the financial center of Brussels there is a local "red-light district". The lights burn inside the windows in which girls offer themselves. And it seems to be a paradise for all those who are looking for paid love. 
Most of the girls are quite pretty. Their "one time service" costs 50 euros and lasts about 15 minutes. Regular customers are given discounts. Black and white girls stand on different streets. And the black ones cost cheaper.

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One of the girls told that her parents thought she was studying at one of the Amsterdam Universities. Fortunately, they don't know the truth.
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Taking pictures is strictly forbidden here. And it's not only your camera that can be easily damaged if you break this rule but also your health.
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 And this is the neighboring street where you can pick up a cheaper girl.
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Some girls, having seen the camera, got embarrassed.
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Amsterdam has also something to offer. There are 3 red-light districts in there: 1. De Wallen - the largest and the most famous among the tourists. 2. Singelgebied. 3. Ruysdaelkade.
Some time ago it was a small riverside town which later turned into a big port where many sailors, when having gone ashore, tried to enjoy every moment of life - they ate good food, drank heavily and looked for love in its easiest form. And as you know, where there is demand there will be supply. And Amsterdam soon became kind of a "mecca" for prostitutes.
But as sailors often confused prostitutes with right-minded citizens, putas decided to mark themselves out with the help of the red lights which illuminated their way at night. Red lights were very comfortable to use as they served as a good indicator and disguised the girls' outer disadvantages. Later they became a piece of the history of Amsterdam.
This is the first district in the picture. One of its streets. According to some tourists, there are at least several dozens of cameras in this canal and many too curious tourists have already bathed in it as well.

Lights are burning and ladies have been working since morning.

Taking photographs is certainly strictly forbidden here too.

Mirrors are installed on the windows apparently for a reason. To have a better catch of photographers.

All the "goods" of a red-light district can be delivered at home. There is a piece of paper with the girl's telephone number on every window. Sometimes a girl picks up the phone right before the public's eyes, answers a call, then quickly put the clothes on, leaves her place, takes a taxi and goes away.

Most of the ladies look seedy.

Among 6 thousand of Amsterdam prostitutes one can see women from all over the world. But the main part of them are the residents of East Europe - Czechs, Poles and Ukrainians. The second place hold the girls from South-East Asia. And the third one - the black girls from France and Africa.

One girl took a cigarette break and has been immediately photographed. Photographers had to run for life from her. Judging by different opinions, it's the girls who often break cameras and throw poor tourists into the water.

In a day-time many ladies rest near their spots.

Some details.

Candid photography.

It gets darker.

The picture of awful quality but still with some good specimen in it.

Photographers have to take pictures in motion - to stop means to draw everybody's attention.

The monthly taxes they pay are 500-2000 euros, and monthly salary is 3000-15000 euros. Moreover, the girls pay a rent for their working place - 500-4000 euros.

Red light and neon.

Design of one of the rooms.

A woman has hidden herself behind the curtain.

Some windows are designed with a good sense of humor.

Besides women of pleasure, a quarter also offers lots of sex-shops and different sex-shows.

Having paid 2 euros, you can watch a live sexual transaction. Judging by the inscriptions, even with animals.

The basic quota can be defined by languages used on some signs.

Sex-show advertisement.

And those who don't want a real woman can buy her prototype.

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