10 Most Famous Celebrity Cities around the World

Celebrities are scattered all around the world, while some may require the glitz and pizzazz of the large centers, others shy away from the hype in search of tranquility. As fans, we sometimes have encounters with them and see that some are rather down to earth, while others are quite deserving of their reputations.

So here I have compiled a list of cities where you will see your share of stars. So while touring the cities I mentioned below do take a camera and your autograph book with yourself. They might get handy.
10. Paris, France

Too bad you cannot tell who is a star and who is not while you’re in Paris, because the City of Lights serves as the home to many European and North American celebrities. The city’s long history, great restaurants and other amenities make it a choice for many stars. Of course, it is hard to spot celebs in Paris since everyone seems to have an attitude.
9. New Orleans, Louisiana

You know, this one may surprise you, but probably because you are too smashed out of your mind to notice much. Every time I go down to New Orleans, I hobnob with the loudest and wildest of celebrities. Their names? Sorry, I have been sworn to secrecy.
8. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver ranks amongst one of the busiest cities in terms of film production. It is therefore no surprise that Vancouver is either a temporary or permanent home to celebrities from both sides of the border, from The X-Files days, to the movies that shoot there day in and day out.
7. London, United Kingdom

London is a bustling city that doesn’t sleep, and between the actors, musicians and models walking the streets, London will leave you star-struck, if you know the right spots to hit, of course. However, it is true that many seek the more tranquil pace of neighboring Dublin, Ireland. But hey, most still crave the maddening noise of London.
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
Between the shows, gambling, clubs, and various forms of escapism, expect to see the rich and famous here and there. Actually, chances are that you will fail to socialize in any of the high-roller joints, but hey, at least you can say you saw Wayne Newton! Where you’re most likely to spot everyone from Pamela to Bruce…
5. Monte Carlo, Monaco

This tax haven along the French Riviera has always been a favorite destination for the rich and famous; can’t blame them. Where else can you gamble away those $20 million dollars, sip on martinis and live tax-free? It’s often called Millionaires playground.
4. New York City, New York

Is there any doubt that the Big Apple makes the list? Of course, I laugh any time I see New York on any list, after all, when a city has 20 million people, you would expect it to have enough of anything. If you’re not spotting celebrities at Broadway shows or walking through Central Park, you’re seeing the millions of hopefuls who flock there to be discovered.
3. Milan, Italy

The city is home to many a famous model, and wherever you see models, you are more than likely to spot celebrities (especially males) flocking to wine, dine and…
2. Miami, Florida

South Beach is heaven on earth. Whether you stroll by News CafĂ© on Ocean Drive or hit any spot on Lincoln Avenue, you are sure to run into one celeb or another. And when the sun sets, hit any of the following spots — Level, Crowbar, Space, Pearl, or Opium — and you’re sure to encounter athletes, singers, actors, and many wannabes.
1. Southern California

Burbank, LA, Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica… the list can go on. Obviously, if the center of the “entertainment” world is Hollywood, then chances are that its neighboring cities will have their share of stars and silicon-filled look-alikes.


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