10 Best Environmental Friendly Buildings in US

People from all walks of life are adapting the behavior of going eco-friendly behavior all around the world. At the forefront of the green revolution is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which looks at minimizing the effects that the construction industry have on the environment. It encourages careful sourcing of materials, and tries to make buildings as self-sustaining as possible, reducing waste wherever possible. This applies to both new-builds and retrofitted, preexisting constructions.

America is forefront in making this environmental assistance. We have decided to look at where that money goes, and look at some of the best-designed buildings that the green movement has to offer. So here are some of the best environmental friendly buildings in US. I hope you will like it.

Helios House Gas Station, LA

This wins the award for the most incongruous environmentally friendly building, and it’s certainly the coolest gas station you will ever see. It’s made of recycled glass, steel and scrap metal, there is a rain-capturing roof, a green wall.
Armstrong World Industries Corporate Headquarters

Armstrong headquarters, Pennsylvania has helped set the tone for LEED Platinum accredited buildings. A staggering 75% of its energy comes from wind turbines. It has specially designed rainwater management systems that allow excess water to enter the nearby wetlands in a controlled manner.
The Terry Thomas

This 40,500 square feet of office space in Seattle is designed to enhance the productivity and health of the people working inside of it, putting especial emphasis on reduced energy usage.

Heifer International Headquarters

The Heifer International headquarters building is in Little Rock, Arkansas, and it was designed to be one of the greenest buildings in America. It is 75,000 tons of unusable earth and mountains of rubble and scrap metal into a thriving, and stunning, company headquarters.

Daybreak Corporate Center, Utah

Having cost a staggering $40 million to build, the results are nonetheless impressive. The Daybreak Corporate Center is another example o eco-friendly industry.

The Verdesian, NY

Even the heart of Manhattan is taking steps toward being a little greener. The Verdesian gets everyone’s vote for its cool blend of traditional and uber-modern design.

Clinton Presidential Library, Arkansas

Clinton Presidential Library was the first federal building to receive a platinum LEED rating after consistently finding ways to make itself even more environmentally inconspicuous.

Living Homes Z6 House

This is a one-of-a-kind million-dollar prefab home nestled in the beautiful surrounds of Santa Monica. It was the first home ever to be awarded the platinum LEED rating. It has roof garden, photovoltaic roof tiles and a solar heating system to heat water for the house.

The Genzyme Center, Massachusetts

This is an architectural dream, with an astounding central atrium that extends almost the full height of the building. It gets its power from the steam of a nearby power plant, has photovoltaic arrays on the roof and a daylight dimming system that combine to reduce overall energy consumption by almost half.

USGBC Headquarters, Washington, D.C

With wood-paneled walls from 500-year-old salvaged timber and energy-efficient lighting, these headquarters are living proof that environmentally friendly does not mean boring or ugly.


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