Colorful Chinese Tea Market

Tea market Fan Cun in the Chinese city of Guangzhou is one of the biggest markets of such kind.

These places are rich with jasmine, so tea traders from all over China took their tea here and added jasmine to it. Then jasmine tea was delivered to the other provinces.

Nowadays the market is a chance to buy different types of tea in one place.

Before 1980 the market had numbered about 15 stores, at present there are more than 3000 different vendors.

Famous delicious green tea.

Different additives look merrier.

In every store one can taste some tea for free.

Special teapots.

One can choose a packing for one's newly bought tea.

The most expensive tea is packed like this.

Souvenirs made of tea.

Kids help their parents in stores.

As well as cats.

Delivering goods.

Merchandising process.

Packing process.

Sorting out tea.

Beautifully packed tea.

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