Delights Of Hainan Island

Chinese island Hainan literary means "South of the Sea".
Let's start with traditional tea ceremony.

One can try different types of tea.

Delicious indeed.

When these guys are poured boiled water on they make a happy pee...

The tea is not just delicious, but also very beautiful.

Very tasty Puer in the form of a circle.

Picture made of tea.

All these tea masterpieces are quite expensive.

Young man tells about the process of silk production in a silk factory.

One can see real silkworms. Dead ones, though.

It's good that pictures don't smell.

These small insects are making silk.

That looks like this.

That's what one can make with a single clot from the picture above.

Very pleasant silk articles.

Such set costs about 800 dollars.

Extreme Chinese size - 7xl.

Fans and umbrellas can be bought everywhere.

Let's proceed to a shark factory.

Soup of shark fins.

A lot of different seafood.

There are only about 240 types of squids.

These candies are made of sharks, sea bears and crabs.

Soup pack.

One can try everything with such toothpicks.

Everything looks very amusing.

Heaven for beer fans.

Some strange dried lizards.

Very sinister.

Wonderful seahorses.

Even in such gift sets.

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