Istanbul: Fishermen And Markets

Istanbul 7

Eminonu is the main district of the central part of Istanbul. It is considered to be the most orthodox and conservative in the city and is often called "real Istanbul"

Istanbul 8

This is the very place where the Grand Bazaar is situated - the largest covered market in the world. It occupies immense area involving more than 4000 shops on 58 streets.

Istanbul 9

The Grand Bazaar is daily visited by more than half a million customers and tourists.

Istanbul 10

The range of goods here is amazingly wide - one can find jewellery, antiques, leather, textile fabrics, souvenirs or famous carpets. Within the Grand Bazaar there are also restaurants, springs, mosques, houses and even a graveyard.

Istanbul 11

Istanbul 12

Eminonu always played a significant part in Istanbul life. The whole city has actually started to grow from here.

Istanbul 13

One could come across vendors of stolen phones. This one has barely hidden his goods.

Istanbul 14

Istanbul 15

And this is the Egyptian Bazaar - the second largest historical shopping center.

Istanbul 16

Istanbul 17

Istanbul 18

Istanbul 19
Bazaar garbage stinks awfully.

Istanbul 20

Istanbul 21

Istanbul 22

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Istanbul 26
Turkish man with red ears.

Istanbul 27

Istanbul 28

There is the New mosque with two minarets by the bazaar.

Istanbul 29

Istanbul 30

Istanbul 31

Istanbul 32

The mosque is well illuminated inside, the Koran surahs are on every window.

Istanbul 33
The floor is laid with carpets.

Istanbul 34

Istanbul 35

The view of the Asian part of Istanbul from a bridge.

Istanbul 36
One of the city symbols - The Galata Tower.

Istanbul 37

Istanbul 38

Fishermen come to this bridge like to a 9 to 5 work and stay here even during rather windy or frosty days.

Istanbul 39
Street cigarettes vendor and his two friends.

Istanbul 40
Kids often come to help the fishermen.

Istanbul 41

Istanbul 42

Istanbul 43

Istanbul is a city of cats. All the fluffies on the Galata bridge are pretty well fed. Their main rivals are birds which steal the catch from the fishermen.

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