Ancient Petra City (part2)

It is topped by a huge stone urn where gold and jewellery were kept in - that's why it's called the Treasury. Though officially it has the name of El-hazne which means "reservoir", "tank".

A famous cat.

More pictures of local cats.

The canyon gradually becomes wider and the tourists find themselves in a natural amphitheatre sand walls of which contain many caves. But the main thing that draws everybody's attention is the hollowed out rocks containing burials inside. 

The name of Petra means "rock" in Greek. And it really was the city made from rocks and there was nothing remotely similar to it. All the houses, burials and temples were patiently cut from the rocks. So in this way the majestic monumental city of Petra was finally built right in the center of the desert by the 1st century AD.

The final point of the route is the Ad-Deir ("Monastery" in Greek). To get there one should climb the hill for quite a while but it's also possible to take a donkey for 5 euros.

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