Keeping Traditions of the American Brothel

In Skagway, Alaska, there is a brothel that was built in far 1897. As it was a gold rush time, about 14.000 gold diggers were always in the city and 300 girls "served" them. The "session" lasted 15 minutes and cost $5. 
On the first floor you could buy a drink. On the second one there were 10 small rooms where girls lived. A barman had 10 small figures very resembling each of the girls. So a client chose the figure according to his taste and went upstairs to the chosen girl. Meanwhile the barman put the figure of the girl on its back so that everybody knew she was busy at that moment.
Each room was connected with the cash desk with the help of the copper pipe. And when the "session" was ended, the girl threw $5 (in gold) in the pipe and the barman knew she was ready for the next client and turned the figure back.


When a new girl moved to the room, she repapered the walls. And very few girls could stay here for a long time.

A typical room.

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