World's Largest Libraries

Reading habit is the most natural habit to inculcate.  A good book or reading an informative piece makes the ideal companion; it’s interesting, builds on your patience and allows you to grow in the pool of knowledge without you realizing it. So for that we find libraries build by people in order to enhance and mobilize such healthy activities.

Here I have compiled some of the largest libraries of the world. I hope you will like it.
Library of Congress

World's busiest airports

Travelling has always fascinated people all over the world and flying has been the fastest in order to do so. Airports are mostly packed with people but here are some busiest airports by passenger traffic. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has been the world’s busiest airport every year since 2000.

Here are some of the busiest airports of the world. I hope you will like it.
Atlanta International Airport

10 Most Unique Elevators in the World

It is hard to describe or to explain the fascination exerted by a fast elevator. I am sure that, for a jungle or countryside raise child, the elevators are by far the most interesting and fascinating thing in a big city.Many different reasons can make a certain elevator be interesting, amazing or fascinating.

The fastest elevators are for sure fascinating; they ensure accelerations bigger than a plane. Outdoor elevators are also amazing through dimensions, but many of them are causing serious environment issues. The elevators linking the parts of the city from different heights are very useful, and became iconic landmarks of that city.
Here I have compiled some of the world’s most unique elevators. I hope you will like it.
The Gateway Arch

7 Utterly "Lost" Cities of America

Lost cities of AmericaPhoto:
While many might believe the term “lost” might only refer to misplaced items and confusing TV dramas, the cities in this article stretch the definition far beyond what Merriam-Webster ever considered. Some are lost to politics, others to education, and still other cities are just plain lost.
7. Roanoke Colony, NC

Around the World in 30 Colors

salvador city brazilPhoto:
All day, every day we are surrounded by color, and even though we should be thanking the gods for being so lucky we’re too often numb to it. But when we have one of those lucid moments on viewing something special, seeing an awesome image and really taking notice of our world, it’s then we stop and say, "Wow!"
Here are some of those "Wow!" moments, captured forever so that we never loose sight of the color in our lives.

Colors of America and Australia

Milano Santa Monica: An Eco-City Within a City

Milano Santa Monica - close up viewPhoto:
All images via Home Design Find
Long famed for its legendary fashion houses, Milan soon hopes to be known as a cutting-edge leader in yet another area of design: green communities. Come 2013, the bustling metropolitan area will be home to Milano Santa Monica, a two million square metre green space that will feature 2,000 apartments alongside schools, shops and sporting facilities.

Giant Sinkhole Devours Cologne's Past

Image: Robert Brands
More than a week back, on Tuesday, 3rd March, the archive of the city of Cologne in Germany collapsed. The building at Severinstrasse 222-228 housed more than 18 km (!) of shelves, which held more than 65,000 documents, 500,000 photographs of the city and 100,000 architectural drawings and plans. While some are blaming the ongoing subway construction, we’re wondering – could it be another case of a giant sinkhole devouring everything around it?

Everyday Life At The Russian Antarctic Station

Transport vehiclePhoto:
Image: Xavier M. Jubier
Dark days and long nights, temperatures up to minus 128 Fahrenheit, cramped living conditions and the same old jokes and people. Welcome to Antarctica, the place where you’ll find big eyes and bolos, new species of the human kind. Inspired by Anton Chekalin’s stunning pictures of Novolazarevskaya Antarctic Station featured last month, we got thinking about everyday life at a Russian Antarctic station.
When planning a stay in the Antarctic, getting there might be the first hurdle, but not the last. In psychospeak, ICE stands for isolated, confined environment and is very fitting when talking about Antarctic living conditions. There’s also everyday life on a base to reckon with, getting around and surviving out in the field, and killing time when nothing is going on…

11 Most Bizarre Border Crossings Around The World

Spanish-Moroccan border in CeutaPhoto:
Image: Frontex
For many, crossing a border conjures images of border personnel with stern expressions and gun belts, paperwork, questions, long lines and maybe sweaty palms. But borders can also be green, beautiful, informative and friendly – unusual, to say the least. It is also truly amazing where one can find border crossings, so follow us on a tour of astounding checkpoints around the mountains, deserts, seas and cities of the world.

Tunnel border crossings

The Rainbow Coloured Skies of India

Teen Minar at Elgandal FortPhoto:
Image: Naveen Gujje
India is for many a country of contrasts, extremes and in recent years, upswing. In fact, India Shining was the political slogan with which India started the first decade of the new millennium. Without doubt, it has always been a country of colours so, inspired by last week’s article on rainbows, we’ve arranged stunning pictures of Indian moodscapes according to the rainbow spectrum. Put on some A.R. Rahman, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam or even Lucky Ali and follow us on an Indian tour de rang…

San Francisco From Above

Yerba BuenaPhoto:
Image: Jitze Couperus
Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf… the sights of San Francisco are numerous. All the more fun is spotting them from above because they tend to look oh-so-different from a bird’s eye perspective. But see for youself and join us on our musical tour of “I Spy….” San Francisco.
San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California, and the whole of the San Francisco Bay Area is home to more than seven million people. During the gold rush of the 19th century, the city was literally a “Golden Gate” for many adventurous fortune seekers. Though its old name Yerba Buena (from the Spanish hierba buena, the “good herb”) was changed in 1847 after the Mexican-American war, the term still has a valid (yet different) meaning for many today.

10 Beautiful Yet Deadly Mega Metropolises

Mexico CityPhoto:
Image via UCAR
Any city with a few million inhabitants is bound to have problems: population, pollution, transportation, water quality, sanitation, crime, natural disasters – you name it. A mega metropolis with a population of 10 or even 20 million will have massive ones especially if it is disadvantaged due to geographic location. Seriously, would you want to be the mayor of one of the world’s biggest cities? Let’s take a look at ten of these mega metros around the world and see what’s bothering them most.
Many institutes and non-profit organisations such as the Blacksmith Institute, Mercer Human Resource Consulting and the World Health Organization keep track of pollution and “dirtiest cities” around the world. We have taken their lists and results into account and cities like Bogota, Karachi, Manila, Mumbai and Sao Paulo and even London, Paris, Athens, New York, Los Angeles and others were strong contenders. However, our focus was on global cities and one major problem that overshadowed others. So, without further ado, our list of Ten Deadliest Mega Metros in alphabetical order.

Paris Evolving Under the Gaze of Notre Dame's Gargoyles

Photo: Florian Siebeck
They sit perched atop dizzying heights, often unnoticed by human eyes but ever watchful of our movements. They have outlived us by centuries and under their gaze the story of a city's sins and changing face can be told. The gargoyles of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral – half man, half beast – preside over Paris, and have done so since the medieval era. To them, whole generations pass in the blink of a stony eye.
Notre Dame gargoyle, date unknown

The Incredible Light Shows of Niagara Falls

Lights illuminate the falls.Photo:
Image by comic book guy.
What do you get when you illuminate one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls with nearly 5km of shimmering floodlights, over 125 animated displays and 3 million sparkling tree and ground lights? A dazzling extravaganza that will make you see the Niagara falls in a whole new light – and for those of you who can’t make it, we decided to take a closer look.

Amsterdam From Above

Image: harry.kontos
Amsterdam, ah Amsterdam. City of red lights, amber-hued beers, and green, green grass; a city much less in need of traffic lights than most owing to its winding bike paths and of course its famous historic canals – more reasons why green could be said to be this city’s colour of choice. With its rich history, vibrant culture and liberal attitude, the Dutch capital is well worth wondering through, and yet a city of such distinctive design is also brilliantly appreciated from above.
Downtown Amsterdam from the air

La Tomatina 2009: Pictures from the World's Largest Tomato Fight!

Tomato fightPhoto:
Image: Tomatina2009
The official website of La Tomatina says it all: That what it’s all about, a tomato fight that involves many tourists and the whole city of Buñol in the province of Valencia in eastern Spain. Held every last Wednesday in August, it’s tremendous fun for young and old. But there are rules and it’s okay even from an environmental standpoint. Find out why.
Swimming in tomatoes:

10 Best Architectural Cities of the World

Every city has its architectural wonders, from historic monuments to soaring new skyscrapers. What works of architecture make your favorite city special? If you like to spend your vacation sightseeing, walking trough old town cores and admiring the architecture then this list will help you a lot.

Here I have compiled some of the best architecture cities of the world. When I was done with the list I remembered Damascus also has a very good architectural history. So please add cities in comment section which you think I missed.
Florence, Italy

10 Best Cities to Be Seen on Bicycle

Not only it is more Eco-friendly, but you will explore the city much better than you would by car. No traffic jams, no endless searches for parking… Bicycle is a great way to scan your chosen destination. And most of the people of the cities which you will see in this list use bicycle as the mean of transportation.

Here I have compiled some of the best cities to be seen on bicycle. I hope you will like it.
Montreal, Canada