10 Best Cities to Be Seen on Bicycle

Not only it is more Eco-friendly, but you will explore the city much better than you would by car. No traffic jams, no endless searches for parking… Bicycle is a great way to scan your chosen destination. And most of the people of the cities which you will see in this list use bicycle as the mean of transportation.

Here I have compiled some of the best cities to be seen on bicycle. I hope you will like it.
Montreal, Canada

Montreal really is making an effort to make your bicycling as safe as possible. The city government invested more than $130 million in bike routes and to create a bicycle friendly atmosphere. There are more than 2400 miles of trails and the number is still rising.
Barcelona, Spain

Great thing about Barcelona is that it has a green ring surrounding the urban core of the city. The routes are great, with more than 100 bike stations where you can rent and drop off a vehicle.
Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba’s city government really puts up lot of attention to the bikers. They really want for people to get used to using bikes rather than cars. So they invest quite a lot of money to make biking as safe as possible.
Trondheim, Norway

This one has gone so far that they have bicycle lifts – if pedaling uphill is to demanding for you, just take the lift! So don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people in their suites rushing to work – they won’t get sweaty. However, if you feel like exercising, just don’t use the lifts and go your own way.
Basel, Switzerland

Basel also has a terrific bike-rental program available both to residents and tourists of course. It also has special street lanes for biking only and adjusted to bikers! Great way to tour the city!
Amsterdam, Netherlands

More than 40% of all the commutes that take place here are done by bicycle. Wonder why? Go and check for yourself but trust me, you’ll feel foolish sitting in a car when you see all those people biking calmly and completely safe over there! Of course, even in Amsterdam, riding under the influence is a bad idea!
Portland, Oregon

Portland has created bicycle paths that connect the urban parts with the downtown. So unlike most of the U.S. cities, you don’t need a car to go to go to work. So why should you for exploring the city?
Bogota, Colombia

Bogota became bicycle-friendly for economic reasons. Most of the residents can not afford the car. The city government knows the problem and did it’s best to make biking safe and comfortable. They even close over 70 miles of streets and make them available only for bicycling, jogging or walking.
Beijing, China

If you have ever seen a documentary on China, I’m sure you saw how many bicycles there are on the roads. No wonder; China is so overpopulated! Therefore I cannot think of a better way to go sightseeing – go biking instead of using a car.
Copenhagen, Denmark

This one you will enjoy even more – you can rent a bike for free. Suppose this is the reason that more than 30% of inhabitants don’t even want to own a car. Explore this charming city in an Eco-friendly, safe and more relaxed way!


Will K | February 1, 2012 at 7:10 AM

I visited Portland OR a few years ago, and I rented a bike when I was there. It really was so easy to get around. Now when I travel, I usually take my folding bike, just so I don't have to bother with the rental. I've visited a couple of cities on this list, but I'll definitely plan to check a few more out this summer.

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