At the airport of Gibraltar through the runway passes highway

Gibraltar Airport is located at the foot of Gibraltar rock. The owner of the airport is the UK Ministry of Defence, which uses the airport for military purposes. Also carried out and the flights of civil aviation – in the UK and Spain. The airport has one asphalt runway length of 1829 m and is located just 500 meters from the city center.
In 2004, the airport has carried 314,375 passengers and 380 tons of cargo. Gibraltar airport – one of the few airports in the world, where the runway crosses the road.
airport runway
airport runway

Wooden border between Mexico and USA

Look looks like the border between Mexico and the U.S., quite fragile, is not it, right?
wooden border
wooden border

Will look like the Olympic Games in Sochi

In the showroom on the third floor of GUM Sochi 2014 and the company BOSCO presented to the public and press a single visual image of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi.
olympic sochi
olympic sochi

Consequences of tornadoes in Alabama

A series of devastating tornadoes that struck the United States in late April was a record for the country’s history, according to the Meteorological Service of America. From 25 to 28 April in the southern U.S. states have been 362 tornadoes, which is twice the previous record of 1974 of 148 tornadoes in two days. Affected states of Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Louisiana.
consequenses tornadoes
consequenses tornadoes

In the city of Haikou happened mirage

Over the bay of the city of Haikou emerged a unique natural phenomenon, a mirage. Almost an hour residents Haikou could watch a ghost town that hangs over the sea, many people gathered on the beach to witness the phenomenon. Mirage has arisen due to abnormally high air temperatures, which established in the last few days on Hainan Island, usually unusual this time of year.
haikou mirage
haikou mirage

City of toothpicks Minas Tirit

Zingy city made out of toothpicks, construction began on 7 April 2007 and completed it only on Feb. 15, 2010, here is a bother. I wonder how many toothpicks it took?
city toothpick minas
city toothpick minas

St. Vitus Cathedral in Praga

Prague cathedral like Gothic cathedrals in Kiev and Lviv. But unlike them, this church is much grander and older. He’s incredibly huge, and is located immediately outside the gate – go away, so it is normal to photograph just nowhere.
On the western side rise two 82-foot neo-Gothic stone towers with a 10-foot round window in the form of rosettes between them. For comparison, the height of the towers of Cologne Cathedral – 157 meters – nearly twice as high! Nevertheless, in grandeur, Prague, Cologne Cathedral to his colleague does not give up!
vitus cathedral
vitus cathedral

Incredible dawn over Moscow

The story of an unusual dawn on May 9 from the roof of Capital City at an altitude of 301 meters. If the shooting took place in the mountains, I would not be surprised of such a rapid change of weather, but in Moscow this dawn I’ve never met. Maybe it’s the consequences of dispersal clouds, or I do not understand anything in the weather … In any case it was very beautiful!
dawn moscow
dawn moscow

Buddhidt holiday of Vesak

Popularly known as the birthday of Buddha, the festival of Vesak – the time of Buddhists from around the world, when they get together and celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha parinirvana. Celebrations range from meditation and silent prayers, almsgiving to the monks in the long colorful processions. In Indonesia, these activities take place near the Temple of Borobudur Mahayana, making it the most visited attraction in the country. Vesak is celebrated each year on the full moon in May or June.
buddhist holiday
buddhist holiday

On-site nuclear power plant

Nuclear plant in Kalkar started building back in 1970 jointly by Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, which caused thousands of ordinary citizens and strike the Green Party. Finally froze construction in 1991, and the station did not run.
Dutch entrepreneur in 1995, was bought nuclear complex and the land around it for 1,5 million euros and is now before us is a real amusement park.
At the moment, “Wonderland in Kalkar, with the number of workers about 550 people each year take 600,000 visitors.
on site nuclear park
on site nuclear park

Monasteries in the Voronezh region

As correctly observed by our ancestors, the Russian land is great and rich. And sometimes its vast expanses contain real miracles, which do not expect to find in most “ordinary” places. One of these wonders – this cave monasteries in the Voronezh region, which look very unusual for the usual central Russian landscape. Once he saw them in the photo, really wanted to somehow get up there, and here is the first of May had the chance.
monasteries voronezh
monasteries voronezh

Underground city in Australia

There is in Australia, an interesting town, situated between Adelaide and Alice Springs, called Coober Pedy. Name of Coober Pedy is translated from the language of Australian aborigines, as a “white man’s burrow” or “white man under the ground.” He is known not only for being the world capital of precious opal, but its only the world’s underground city and Cave Hotel Desert Cave.
Underground is a whole city. It was built miners to their families at the beginning of last century. In Coober Pedy is very hot, and under the earth, even in summer the temperature reaches a maximum of 26 degrees. About a depth of 6 meters is cool as lying above the rock absorbs the heat of the desert sun. Even the first prospectors realized that you can relatively comfortably under the ground, in housing that is almost worthless. That until their successors are elected, they and their families are living in today’s underground comfort. Many of their houses are very large and simply luxurious, and some have even underground pools, while very close, on the surface, the sun beats down mercilessly ground.
underground city
underground city

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, a region located on the eastern coast of Liguria. The territory of the Cinque Terre consists of 5 small towns: Riomadzhore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Managed to avoid the area of ​​modern development and as a result, to preserve the unique Italian culture and natural beauty. In all localities, except for Monterosso, traveling on foot. In Monterosso vehicular traffic is limited. Cities are interconnected mountain path length of about 9 km.
cinque terre
cinque terre

Flood after a drought in China

In some parts of China the case of strong over the last few decades of drought. Within a few months from a lack of precipitation have suffered fishermen, farmers and wildlife.
To alleviate the problem in the Three Gorges hydropower plant produced water in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. However, in early June in southern China has passed a series of heavy rains, flooding the fertile land and causing the strongest since 1955 floods. So far, reported 175 dead and 86 missing. The Chinese government plans to double investments in water conservation projects, as there are not enough 40 billion cubic meters each year. Collected here are photos of China, a country where not enough water at first, but now it is too much.
flood drought china
flood drought china

Chateaux of the Loire in France

Loire Castles built or rebuilt during much of the French Renaissance, a time when the French kings lived on the banks of the great river, its tributaries or near them. The Loire Valley is listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. All locks, and their 42 things we would not attend physically managed, and failed, most of them closed to tourists, we only visited three.
loire in france
loire in france

Cairo: The city covered with debris

The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.
It is said that the city, a single organism. Home with them, dwelling in his people-living cells. Electricity, water, sewerage – that without which would not exist these cells. Gardens and parks, the lungs of the city, the center is its heart. Roads, arteries of the city, supply and saturate his organs, quarters of the necessary materials. The life of this living organism does not disappear for a second and during his life he had to get rid of toxins, litter and waste. If we continue this analogy, the city scavengers, so call this a quarter of Cairo, the liver of old and sick body, which passes over the age of ten centuries.
cairo debris
cairo debris

A Pink City in India

There seems to be a city for every color in India. Jaipur, is the Pink City. Jaipur owes its color to a coating composed of slaked lime, along with natural pigments known as stucco. The pink tinge, adopted as a symbol of the city, is the key that will record our memories while visiting the city also is the state capital of Rajasthan.
Jaipur is one of the oldest and most historic cities of India. The old town area, is precisely the one that stands out for its salmon pink, a hue that in the tradition of Rajasthan, brings good fortune.

Seven Healthiest Cities In The World

Many cities around the world are great places to live because of availability of recreation and high life expectancy rates. Countries that have high physician-patient ratios tend to be healthier than those with fewer physicians. Low infant mortality rates and rates of disease are important to the health of a city, but there are many factors that go into making a city healthy. Exercising, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle are factors that contribute to the health of citizens no matter where in the world they live.
There are many ways to measure the health of a city. Some of the factors that affect overall public health include long life expectancies, the overall physician-patient ratio and amount the of toxins that can be found in the environment. Health is also measured by the availability of sports and other activities and disease rates. Some countries spend large amounts of money on healthcare, but that doesn’t really mean they are healthy. Below is a list of the seven most healthiest cities in the world.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the least polluted countries in the world. Iceland has an overall low rate of disease. The country’s TB prevalence is 2.2 per 100,000 citizens and they have seen no cases of H1N1 or avian flu. Iceland also has a high density of physicians, with 3.62 per 1,000 citizens.
Reykjavík is the capital and largest city of Iceland. Looks very beautiful and clean.
Swimming is a popular sport in Iceland. Swimming has been included in Icelandic school curriculums for over 60 years and every Icelandic resident is required to learn swimming. The wealth of geothermal heat makes Iceland a great place to swim. Open air heated swimming pools are located all over the country and are open year round. Other outdoor sports like hiking and sailing are also popular in Reykjavik.
Reykjavik and other cities in Iceland have a very high car ownership rate per capita at about 522 vehicles per 1,000 residents, but they are not severely affected by congestion and have a very low air pollution rate.

2. Vienna, Austria

Austria boasts an infant mortality rate of just four deaths per 1,000 live births. They also have a high physician density of 3.38 per 1,000 citizens. People who live in Austria are covered under government insurance as soon as they secure employment or enter university studies. Pensioners are also covered automatically by law.
The night walk through the city of Vienna was indeed a unforgettable experience.
Vienna boasts skiing in the winter and many recreational activities in the summer months. The city of Vienna host a variety of sporting events including the Vienna City Marathon. This marathon attracts more than 10,000

America's Most Expensive Homes

$150 million

The Manor
Holmby Hills, Calif.
The home that Candy Spelling, widow of television giant Aaron, put on the market in 2008, out-prices every other property in the U.S. The 56,500 square-foot English-style mansion has a bowling alley, wine cellar, rooms for gift-wrapping and silver and china display, a library, gym and media room. Its 4.6 acres includes pools, a spa, landscaped gardens, a waterfall and parking for over 100 cars. Jeff Hyland from Hilton & Hyland Real Estate and Sally Forster Jones from Coldwell Banker Previews International have the listing.

$125 million

Fleur de Lys
Beverly Hills, Calif.
This 35,000-square-foot home, listed in 2007, is said to be modeled after Versailles, and the mansion makes no attempt at understatement. Its 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 50-seat screening room, Italian marble and gold-embossed leather walls ooze wealth. Owner Suzanne Saperstein hasn't compromised on the price in three years. After all, it's a relative bargain compared to the manor, just a few blocks away. Joyce Rey at Coldwell Banker Previews International has the listing

$100 million

Tranquility Estate
Lake Tahoe, Nev.
Tommy Hilfiger cofounder Joel Horowitz's 210-acre spread features the third-highest price tag in

World's Smartest Cities

No. 1: Singapore

The 21st-century successor to 15th-century Venice, this once-impoverished island nation now boasts an income level comparable to the wealthiest Western countries, with a per-capita GDP ahead of most of Europe and Latin America. Singapore Airport is Asia's fifth-largest, and the city's port ranks as the largest container entrepot in the world. Over 6,000 multinational corporations, including 3,600 regional headquarters, are located there, and it was recently ranked No. 1 for ease of doing business.

No. 2: Hong Kong

As the center of the world economy continues to shift from West to East, Hong Kong is certainly reaping the benefits. Hong Kong Shanghai Bank's chief executive recently relocated there from London. Its per-capita GDP is ranked 15th in the world. The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal have ranked Hong Kong the freest economy in the world.

No. 3: Curitiba, Brazil

This well-run metropolis in southern Brazil is famous for its rapid bus-based transit, used by 70% of its residents, and its balanced, diverse economic development strategy.

Great Light Trail Photography

lighttrail01 Light Trail Photography
A collection of beautiful light trail photographs which is a popular subject matter for many photographers. To capture light trails, long shutter speeds would be needed and a tripod since long shutter speed would blur out at the slightest shake. After all the settings are done, it is all about choosing the location, thinking about timing and framing the image.
lighttrail02 Light Trail Photography

The Ultimate great wallpapers

5) Landmarks And Others
The Louvre
Ipadwall161 in The Ultimate Round-Up of iPad Wallpapers
iPad Wallpaper 0626
Ipadwall42 in The Ultimate Round-Up of iPad Wallpapers

Ghosts of Antarctica: Abandoned Stations and Huts

More ghosts per capita than any continent

Does Antarctica have the most ghosts of any continent? On a per capita basis, the answer is yes.

While the South Pole and environs doesn’t have a permanent population, there are on average 2,500 people living there during the year -- approximately 4000 in summer and 1000 incredibly hardy ones in winter. While no complete necrologies exists for the Antarctic, at least 268 people have died there since humanity first decided it was a good place to visit. So if the ghosts divvie the work evenly, each one only has to haunt 9.68992 inhabitants. (Some lists of who has died way down south include a certain Mrs. Chippy. I have chosen to leave her out of my calculations as she was a cat and if we include her we have to include penguins and then it’s Katy bar the door.)

Antarctica is a very popular place to abandon

In addition to having a light work load, Antarctic spirits also have an abundance of residences to choose from thanks to the huge number of ghost towns and other such haunts. For obvious reasons, Antarctica is a very popular place to abandon. Below is a map of places abandoned by just the British on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The most famous and disturbingly well-preserved of these places is the camp built by Robert Scott and his

The Walled Cities: Keeping Out The Joneses

"Us And Them." Human history, perhaps, was shaped mostly by... walls

It’d be so nice if it was true, but the fact is it ain’t: the first settlements – before bronze age, before iron age, even probably before the stone age – didn’t happen because folks liked each other’s company.
As the old saying goes: there really is safety in numbers … and fortifications.

If you have any doubt about how wood -- and then stone and later even steel – walls helped shape human civilization, all you need to do is take a close look at most of our cities, especially the older ones.

Sometimes it’s easy to see where the boundaries between "Us In Here And You Out There" once were. Just look at the lovely city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands: a picture postcard of lovely homes, sparkling waterways, brilliantly green parks, and meandering walkways – a true jewel of civilization. Except that

Castles That Will Inspire and Haunt You

A Man’s Home: Unusual Castles …and One Very Special Village

Arguably born the day that villagers -- and the people who profited off them -- decided that wood wasn’t strong enough to keep them safe, castles quickly became more than just edifices dedicated to security. Instead of repelling borders, real or imaginary, castles became THE status symbol of status symbols. Monuments to bravado, they were stone and mortal proclamations to the age-old idea that "mine is bigger than yours."

Pierrefonds - picture-postcard example of a castle

If you want an picture-postcard example of a castle, you don’t have to go anywhere but the Château de Pierrefonds in France. Although it may have started out as a structure designed to keep some folks out and others safely in, it was later partially sugar frosted by none other than Napoleon the 3rd, who was shooting for a true nobility status symbol: a iced cake that no one but the very rich and very privileged could eat.

Pierrefonds is still a beautiful place, even if its fortifications were overly gilded –- or maybe because of it. It’s no wonder it's used to this day when central casting gets a call for a classic castle.

When fairy tale jumps from a landscape and hits you between the eyes

If you want a real Disney, fairy-tale, and totally insane castle, you have to visit the residence of one totally

Bladerunner Tokyo (in Large-Format Photography)

The future began a long time ago in Tokyo...

I am fascinated by life in metropolitan areas, surrounded by millions of other people... I love neon signs and public video screens. AND rooftops. Everywhere. Concrete is romantic and beautiful to me.

Isolation in a crowded place, aglow with neon...

I went to Tokyo in the summer of 2008 for three weeks to take pictures of "the future". What I found was even more impressive. The future began a long time ago in Tokyo, and so the whole city has a face, there has been so much organic growth - there is no master plan, the city has been shaped by individuals' desires. The result is a structure that seems alive, even if you do not see the inhabitants, as usually the case with long-exposure photography .

I do Large Format Photography, currently on a Sinar P2 8x10 (basically I scouted locations on foot during