30 Spectacular Examples of Aerial Photography

Granville Island and False Creek

Photo credit: Evan Leeson
Aerial photography has reached new heights over the last few years, bringing a bird’s-eye view to places that are hard to reach and amazing to see.  Aerial photographers are used for such things as surveying sites, movie shots, business plannings, magazines, city events and much much more. There are also numerous methods in which they take these awesome photographs. Here are 30 excellent examples of aerial photography.

Vancouver International Airport Intersection

Photo credit: Evan Leeson
Lions’ Gate Bridge

Photo credit: Evan Leeson
The aerial view of Dubai

Photo by ~fharoonz
Central Port Basin in Bremerhaven, North Germany

Photo by eschlehahn
The aerial view of London

Photo by Matt
Yankee Stadium New York

Photo by: IcyBloke
Ashton Gate, Bristol

Photo by: Dave Rogers
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by: Stephen
Panama City from the Sky

Photo by: Dsasso
North Yorkshire Sky View

Photo by: Paul Kelly
Old Runway of Yorkshire

Photo by: Paul Kelly
Melbourne’s Secret Butterflies

Photo by: subzerojo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by: drowsydrowsy
Montreal Tower, Canada

Photo by: phototouring
Aerial View of a Modern Roundabout, Brussels

Photo by: phototouring
Aerial Shot of the Steam Whistle Brewry and its Surrounding Area.

Photo by: airblue
Night Sky View of Paris

Photo by: Bernd Zimmermann
A Village In France

Photo by: Bernd Zimmermann
Kowloon, Kai Tak and Hong Kong Island

Photo by: Bernd Zimmermann
A Village in the Mazandaran Province of Iran

Photo by: Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
Chicago from the Air

Photo by: Cileero
The Lancut Castle in Podkarpacie, Poland

Photo by: maciejwantusiak
A horizon shot of the Halifax and Atlantic Ocean over Daytona Beach, FL.

Photo by: hudz28
Baseball stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo by: Uncle Kick-Kick
Forth Bridge, Scotland

Photo by: ifotou
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Photo by: Todd Lappin
Downtown Chicago

Photo by: Premshree Pillai
An Aerial view of Chicago

Photo by: Jerry Ting
Aerial view of bullet train tracks across country side of South Korea


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