Open Source Embroidery Exhibition Sweden – Embroidery Went Open Source

Embriody went open source with Open Source Embroidery and an exhibition is going to be held this week in Sweden.
Open Source Embroidery is a major exhibition of new work and commissions at BildMuseet in Sweden and Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco, USA.
The Open Source Embroidery exhibition presents contemporary artwork which uses embroidery and code as a tool to investigate participatory production and distribution methods. The project explores how the open source software development model has been incorporated into the language of cultural participation, involving interdisciplinary approaches to skill-share and collaboration. The exhibition includes material and digital works that make visible the physical characteristics of technology and social communications networks.
The Open Source Embroidery exhibition brings together individual and collectively made artworks by artists, crafts people, makers, computer programmers and html users which explore the relationship between craft and code, physical and digital space. The artworks experiment with interdisciplinary approaches to modifying patterns, the DIY culture of hacking and sampling in sound, GPS and mobile technologies.
The exhibition is bringing work of several international artists.
Open Source Embroidery
BildMuseet, Umeå University, Sweden
June 6 to September 6, 2009


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