Festival of Lights

The Latern Festival is an old tradition festival of Chinese. In this day, there will be parades of lanterns everywhere. People will get together with their family and eat Tang-yuan, a dumpling made of sweet rice. It is an important day for Chinese people.
In other places of World this festival has its own name and celebrated all around the world, Diwali in India,Chaharshanbe Suri in Persia, Hanukkah is same Jewish festival and Fête des lumières is a french local tradition. Pictured below are night scenes from around the world and specially from Berlin, Germany Festival of Lights.
Festival of Lights, Taiwan, China Photo credit Flickr ivanyen1205

Victory Column at night in Berlin
The “Siegessaeule” (Victory Column) is illuminated for the “Festival of Lights” in Berlin, Germany on October
13, 2008. Several landmarks of the German capital, including boulevards, squares, towers, historical and modern buildings was illuminated from October 14 to 26. Photo credit Tobiar Schwarz
Berlin Cathedral
The landmark Berlin Cathedral is colorfully illuminated on the opening evening of the annual “Festival of Lights”
Salute Petra Event Lighting
An ancient temple is lit up with candles at a Gala Dinner to celebrate the life of the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti as part of the Salute Petra event
London Bridge in evening.
A worker passes by a lighting installation on a wall near London Bridge during the evening rush-hour in the City of London, England
Ground Zero Lighting
Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, September 11, 2008 in New York City – the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. that brought down the World Trade Center.
Berlin's illuminated Fernsehturm
The moon shines behind Berlin’s illuminated Fernsehturm (TV tower) during the “Festival of Lights”.
Kaaba at night.
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims circle the Kaaba inside and outside the Grand Mosque during the last week of Ramadan in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Brandenburg Gate lit up.
Famous Brandenburg Gate of Berlin is lit up during the “Festival of Lights”.
White House lit pink.
The White House is illuminated in pink for breast cancer awareness.
Illuminated Fernsehturm in Berlin.
French-Japanese relations
Giant projections of iconic Japanese artwork illuminates bridges and monuments, projected from a boat navigating the Seine river in Paris, France. Images were shown to celbrate 150th anniversary of French-Japanese relations.
Milad telecommunication tower, tallest tower in Iran.
The Milad telecommunication tower, tallest tower in Iran, and the fourth tallest in the world, lit up at its inauguration ceremony in Tehran.
Tower of David in Jerusalem's Old City.
Lights are seen projected on the walls of the Tower of David in Jerusalem’s Old City.
Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany
Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany flanked by the concert hall at right and the Deutscher Dom at left.
Shrine of Fatima, Central Portugal.
Pilgrims hold candles during a procession at the Catholic shrine of Fatima in Fatima, Central Portugal.
Palais am Festungsgraben
Palais am Festungsgraben, an illuminated building in Berlin, Germany, during the “Festival of Lights”.
Berlin Cathedral
The Berlin Cathedral is colorfully lit on the opening evening of the annual “Festival of Lights”.
Tower of David
Images of books on shelves are seen projected on the walls of the Tower of David in Jerusalem’s Old City – part of a show called “Or Shalem, Jerusalem Lights the Night”, staged by a group called Skertzò on October 7, 2008.
All these great photos are quality art work by Tobiar Schwarz, Chris Jackson and Seven Kaestner


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