North Korea: Like Nowhere Else (part4)

As the North Koreans are deprived of an opportunity to use the Internet to make some questions clearer, there is a special man in a library that answers all the questions. Kind of Kim Yan Google.

They only have the Intranet, a within Korean net without access to the Internet.

A library contains a collection of CDs that you can take and listen to.

Some piece of art inside the library.

And this is inside the palace of pioneers.

Pioneers play musical instruments like real professionals.

A lesson of calligraphy.

Leaders and children.

A bunch of pioneers.

A lecture at a museum.

A Korean-Korean border. Soldiers in a blue uniform are South Koreans.

Celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Korean Labor Party.

Some ordinary people.

Women of fashion.

At least, cellular communication has been lately greatly improved in its quality.

Girls in Pyongyang.

Inequality just can't be unnoticed. Well-dressed people, expensive cars, well-groomed quarters on the one hand...

And a new chubby generation on the other.

Some youngsters having picnic on the quay.

All standard Korean food: boiled rice, kimchi, vegetables, anchovies, fried potatoes, tofu and so on.


Happily waving their hands.

A leather armchair.

A turn to the grocery.

Korean circus with clowns in a uniform.

Acrobats are in a uniform as well.

Interesting and original, with some military coloring.


Night streets of Pyongyang.

Illuminated palaces.

The city is safe. There are no police on the streets both in a day-time and at night. Citizens walk along the streets at perfect ease.

A happy family.

It's rather sad to say goodbye to this wonderful place and its good people, but as you know, it's better to see once than to hear a hundred times. So see you in North Korea.

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