North Korea: Like Nowhere Else (part2)

Fields are ploughed up with two cows. Mechanized excavators are mostly used by people who clean gold by the river.

Only the capital has its public transport. Provincials get to work in any availible ways.

Some pictures of environs.

Old machinery hardly cope with mountain passes. There are far more broken cars than functioning ones.

What a beautiful nature is here! Crystal pure rivers, virgin mountains with fanciful pines. Riot of colors and forms. The air is saturated with a strong pine scent.

Rare signs of economical activity do not change a magnificent picture.

But Koreans don't even guess about the beauty they live in. They don't have a possibility to compare with neighbouring civilized regions, they are just used to it and don't notice these beautiful pictures.

However, they have long lives. And it is probably tiresome to admire for such a long time!


And also rivers and mountains.

Wonder how much time this young private needs to gather a gun?

A kindergarden in a collective farm.

Children run relay races like professional sportsmen.

Look and envy. No one is snivelling in all kindergarden.

Happy collective farmers.

Such pictures of North Korean social realiasm can be easily found even in the most unexpected places in this country.

One can easily notice that Korean pictures are extremely realistic despite its bright colours. Clothes, faces and landscapes are absolutely true.

Field work is over and collective farmers start renovation of an exemplary street.

1/400.000 part of a North Korean army.

Anywhere you look at, you always see some military men.

Villages look quite happy.

The crops are already gathered.

A mountain village.

Women of Wonsan, as real provincials, ride bicycles, while Pyongyang women consider it to be indecent.

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