North Korea: Like Nowhere Else (part1)

What is Pyongyang on the 65th anniversary of the Korean Labor Party? It's Indian summer, expressive socialist colouring and certainly grand festivals you should definately see once in your lifetime.

One of the most spectacular world wonders - Ariran. This wonder wouldn't wait for long decades as Egypt pyramids. So while you have such an opportunity you should hurry to see it, unless hundreds of people stop regularly making this grand show.

North Korean socialism will live till people, like pixels, are moving planks on the screen of the enormous human TV set.

Ariran is maybe as much a significant performance as a commencement meeting of the Olympic games is.

A TV set of the future - brain in every pixel.

Using a great number of people, different traceries can be made on a stadium.

A human TV set during a picture change.

The performance is full of red flags, revolution symbols, motley costumes and different characters.

Gymnasts form good towers with, for some reason, green tops. Maybe it is a symbol of a big birch with valorous revolutionaries hidden in its hollow.

Girls can form ingenious traceries or just evenly fill the arena and that is no less spectacular.

And this flying somewhere high construction can be a symbol of a North Korean space program, who knows?

Most probably, it is an allusion of "Sea of blood" - a Kim Ir Sen's revolution story. There are also an opera and a film of the same name.

Another fragment of the human TV set.

Showing the success of children production.

And of their training.

Achievements in girls' forming

And in pigstry.

And many other things. We recommend that you watch Ariran first-hand, it is really worth seeing.

Now let's pass from gymnastic shows to North Korean transport. There are no very interesting or unusual cars, but still there is something worthy of note.

The air in Pyongyang is still clean though some small traffic jam can appear. Practically all cars are new upscale automobiles here. You can find Audi, BMW or Hammer. Mercedes are the most popular cars here. All cars are with state numbers, in fact there are no any private ones at all.

Cars with megaphones, cheerful music and slogans run in towns waking people up. Revolutionary songs sound from the early morning.

A truck with a gas producer. There is a smoky tun with firewoods in it.

Mototransport is of a very small quantity. Such factory boothes attached to motocycles (which are popular in Asia) could be found only in this variant.

Even tractors of mass production look ancient. However, in neigbouring China such transport is often made of random details.

There are few filing stations in Pyonguang, fuel costs a dollar a litre. Cartage stands its ground without any suprise.

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