Feel Cuban Cigars Aroma

  Cuba has a big cigar production and a lot of world famous cigar fabrics, for example, Cohiba factory. But after the economical embargo put on Cuba, a part of this production moved to the Dominican Republic, including this famous factory, Romeo y Julieta.

The factory has huge areas and thousand of workers.

The work is proceeding on a conveyor where every man does his own operation.

The first step is the coiling of tobacco leaves. Then they are put in special blocks for some time to the form fixing.

Strange it may seem but the nicotine level is practically equal in cigars and cigarettes.

The device for firmless test.

The second step is wrapping of cigars in beautiful sheets.

Then cigars are put in special rooms - humidors, where they acquire their smell and taste.

Like in a library...

The next stage is the design before selling.

Cigars are wrapped in cellophane and then in boxes.

The final step is hammering with gold nails.

Here is a cigar shop near the factory. "Thanks for smoking" is written on a bill.

The trip on the Caribbean Sea.

In fact only few people smoke in the Dominican Republic and that is chiefly tourists.

The main advice is to smoke only when you not in a hurry.

One cigar here costs about 10-40 dollars.
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