Berlin.1:1000 And 1:500 Scale

In the next building of the museum of history and culture of Berlin (Märkisches Museum) there is an interesting place where one can see "The city model of Berlin". Admission free.

If you like everything in miniature you will like it.

In the huge hall 3 models of different sizes and content are represented.

The first model is in scale 1:500. Here we may slearly see the city plan of development after Germany unification.

Wooden buildings and constructions - new projects.

Railway station

Potsdamer Platz and Sony center

At the Reichstag

At the Brandenburg Gate

Model 1:500 of the GDR times

City model of the 80s (1:1000 that is 1 km of the city per one "model" meter). 

Holocoust memorial from above

Märkisches Museum
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