Autumn Spring In Turkey

Why the title of the post is that odd? Because it all looks like autumn, though shot in March...
In the center of attention today - some historical object of Turkey named Kzikos.

The weather is just like autumn. Drizzling. Big pelicans and black ducks are rowing on the lake.

An empty village, it seems nobody lives here except ducks.

Looks like an olive garden.

The trees got a weird form under impact of strong winds.

Tiled roofs always look cute.

Tiling is expensive, but it doesn't seem that people who live here are rich.

People are hospitable, invite you for tea.

No Turkey without mosques.

Does it look like spring??

Nice place to inspire for poetry...

No fuss and stress in living here.

Back to the village

Going to make cakes...

Women get embarrassed seeing a camera.

Men are not shy at all.

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