Chocolate Festival In London

Let us see the best masterpieces of British and foreign chocolate masters who gathered for Chocolate Festival in London.

The festival took place in the very center of the city.

To get to the exhibition of chocolate one had to double The Royal Festival Hall. Inside and outside people were sitting, resting, drinking coffee, kids were playing - it looked so ideal.

On the photo you may notice the future highest skyscraper of the EU named the Shard.

Entering the exhibition

Here are exhibited various types of chocolate, sweets, cakes, cookies, pies...

For example, Belgian chocolate sweets with ganache filling.

Chocolate bookmarks, but please don't ask how they work...

Easter sets

Marzipan in chocolate and different types of fudge


Lemon polenta - a pie made of cornflour

Chocolate pie with oranges and nuts

Alcohol stand and what? Chocolate beer?

Hot chocolate, of course

A bright van nearby sold juice, ice-cream and hot-dogs

Even little kids had a right to eat some chocolate sweets

And those who are always afraid of gaining weight

People ate with zest both free and bought delicacies

Hang-ups don't exist here.
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