Crazy Funeral of Nepal

In Nepal, like in India, the dead are to be burnt and the ashes to be scattered over the holy river. Such holy river is the river Bagmati that flows into the Gang.
Cremation is not a thing to shock you, right? But when cremation is made people live and do ordinary things right there, in the same water. See yourself...

On the embankment special sites are arranged to hold a ritual burning.

People sift the sand mixed with ashes trying to find some values remained from the dead: some gold teeth or rings...

Cremation goes non-stop 24 hours a day. They have no opportunity to store the dead for long, so they hurry to burn corpses as soon as possible. On the place of the fire that has gone out they put a new woodpile... 


The smell is relevant.


Hardly you can see any sorrow on their faces, relatives do not cry, more often they eat.

High caste representatives farewell with their relative. Before cremation legs of the dead should be washed in the holy river.

Look some guy has come right near them and threw his garbage in the river.

Men making meat dumplings right here on the stairs...

Where to get water for cooking? .. Right!

Soon the place will be vacant

Easier to sift with a shoe

Such kind of business - gathering logs to resell them to those who can't afford good ones.

It's strange how the garbage still lets the water flow...

Two rituals at the same time.

Children bathe right here

No matter what happens life is going on...
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