Aristocratic City of Vienna

Located in Vienna Schönbrunn Palace (German: Schloss Schönbrunn) is the official residence of the Habsburgs. The representatives of the dynasty ruled the Austrian and Holy Roman Empire, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Transylvania, Tuscany and some other states. In total, one of the most powerful ruling houses of Europe stayed at the throne for more than 650 years.

Schönbrunn is also known for its huge park, Glorietta fountains, the oldest zoo and palm greenhouse.

A small park pavilion with a colonnade, crowning the hill on the opposite side of the palace, is Glorietta.

At different time Schonbrunn was the place where lived, worked, relaxed and entertained: Ferdinand II, Leopold I, Charles IV, the Duchess, the Queen and the Empress Maria Theresa, Napoleon I, the British military after World War II and many others.

The palace and park, demonstrating the power and wealth of the Habsburgs, are now open to the public.

Now let's move to another part of Vienna, the Belvedere palace complex. This baroque palace is the former summer residence of the commander of the Holy Roman Empire, Eugene of Savoy. Now it's occupied by the Austrian Gallery.

And this is one famous restaurant in the very center of the city where you can try famous (or rather well-publicized) Vienna schnitzel.

It's a dish made of breaded veal or pork. According to one version, it's descended from chop Milanese. Its cooking is very simple. In order to make the steak large, a small piece of meat is cut into two halves and opened in the form of a butterfly. After that, the steak is beat until it gets the desired diameter (it can even exceed the diameter of the dish). Then the steak is rolled in flour, dipped in eggs and rolled in breadcrumbs. After that there only leaves to dip it into hot oil for a very short time, and the steak is ready. Bon Appetit!

The Austrians are very good at promoting various dishes: for example, Viennese apple strudel, which is no different from German actually, or an extremely expensive chocolate cake called Sacher. The latter is sold in the hotel of the same name, which, according to many people, doesn't deserve your attention and visiting. It's far better to go to the less promoted places located not in the center. There you can not only enjoy your food but also sit quietly away from the crowds of tourists.

Some more pictures of Vienna.

This is the tallest building in Vienna - the Danube Tower.

The Danube observation tower (German: Donauturm), with the height of a little more than 250 meters, was built in 1964. It is located in the heart of Danube Park, in the largest district of Vienna - Donaustadt.

Here is also located the so-called "UNO-City" - the third residence of the UN in the world, after New York and Geneva.

Let's climb the tower.

At the upper open platform the wind gusts are so strong that they can snatch the camera out of your hands if you don't hold it tightly.

The attractions of the Prater and the old Ferris wheel (on the right).

Another masterpiece of Hundertwasser - a waste processing plant near the Spittelau Station.

Some more pictures of beautiful Vienna.

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