Telephone History Museum: Call Me In So Many Ways!

The main precondition for this museum became a private collection of General Director of one Moscow telecommunication company. Today the museum is closed for detached visitors and welcomes only mass-media and some special guests. Only the collection of telephones is exposed today, but everything now is being done to make a comprehensive museum of it. In summer 2011 they promise to open the doors of the museum in St. Petersburg for all who want to visit it.

Well, let us look at the phones themselves.

1984, ATEA

Trunk for the phone


Another one

Telephones from granny...

1895, L. M. Ericsson
This one seems to have been designed by those who made "Singer" machines, looks so alike! 

1910, S. H. Couch Company, the USA

Look at these faces...

Closer a bit...

1914, Magnavox, the USA

This one was used at the battleship "Potyomkin", the phone of the Kolbasyev system. It helped to talk to a diver!

The loudspeaker that the diver had.

Cute French pipes. 1900s, Pherophon, France

1910, Milde, France

A set that was used in field conditions in the same way we use portable radio transmitters. 

Also used in field conditions but more modern one. Looks a bit like an iron, quite convenient - ironing and calling at the same time ..

1890s, Siemens & Halske, Germany

1929, the Leningrad Telephone Factory "Krasnaya Zarya", the USSR

1950s, Signal Corp., the USA, an American phone always looks like an American one...

Incredibly beautiful «Ericsson», 1885, Sweden

Though a Soviet phone always looks like a Soviet one too... 1964, the USSR

Heavy ones, 1970, Germany

Telephone used in trains

Telegraph apparatus

Universal telephones - on the left the German pay telephone, on the right - 1909, "Ericsson", Sweden
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