Abandoned Amusement Park In Berlin

In Berlin there is an abandoned amusement park, once the pride of the German Democratic Republic and the favourite place for the citizens to rest. But how does it look today? Let us see.

The amusement park (German: Kulturpark Pl√§nterwald) located on the bank of the Spree, was functioning since 1969 to 1989. After the unification of Germany it was called Spreepark and all Berliners liked to spend time there. In 2002, that is 9 years ago, due to the megabuck debt the park closed.    

Just a couple of years ago, anyone could get onto the territory through the numerous holes in the fences. Today one officially may get inside only on Sunday. Since recently here excursions have started to be arranged.

It resembles some exclusion zone ... looks sad.

Time stopped.

Though in fact not everything is so bad. There is hope for restoration of the park. Maybe the big wheel will work soon as well as the children's railway and the park will again hear laughter of kids.

Central entry and the ticket office.

Administration house

Warehouse tent

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