The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

  Liverpool is the seaport where previously ships were repaired. What is the most famous thing about Liverpool? Probably many people say The Beatles and will be right.

Today we'll visit the museum dedicated to the popular group. So let's enter.

The beginning of the exposition.

One of the first Beatles pictures and the real instruments from this photo.

The installation from the Hamburg period of the Beatles. It was rather stormy time.

The Mersey Beat, 1964. Before Beatlemania.

Rare guitars.

The Cavern stage where the Beatles popularity began.

Everything was just the same many years ago.

The records shop of Brian Epstein.

In a recording studio.

John Lennon's glasses.

The big white hall dedicated to John Lennon.

Mathew Street.

Little moorages.

The Cavern club.

Once the Beatles performed here.

And not only they. Other popular rock stars were here. The club works as a pub, you can drink ale or something stronger.

The whole street is studded with shops and pubs.

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