Cyprus Carnival 2011

Carnival of Cyprus will never be better than Brazililian Carnival with its posh Venetian masks, but here, in Cyprus, it's a huge event that is worth seeing.

The most popular costume - various variations of women, these guys are Amazons.

And this is a queen of Amazonians

Less inventive Cypriots put on shorts and wigs.

Ladies Gagas

The Muppet Show - do they still watch it??

Phantoms of the Opera

Primitive men

Participants not only walk but move on huge platforms too.

Platforms are carried by tractors

Transport of little participants

Politic themes are popular too

African tribes

Vampires and other evil spirits

Bulgarians in national costumes

Romanians on the left, and weird guys on the right...

"Zaokazea" means a wry box, plump women are also called so.
The Greek
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