Graffiti of Rio de Janeiro

Rio is wilful. Despite the fact that the financial center of Brazil is Sao Paulo and the capital is Brasilia, Rio remains to be the main image and symbol of the country. Hot beauties from Copacobana and Ipanema beaches, tourists who can't help staring at them hoping for a good night with one or maybe even two Brazilian babes. In this Babylonian mixture there are divine wonderful Brazilian Catholic girls, crazy artists and wandering sailors. On this chaos Rio has been built, and nearby, on the high mountain, Jesus spreading his arms, is looking on that all and blesses everyone who sees him.    
And the city is growing on, and already 15 million people raise their heads in the morning greeting Jesus on Corcovado rock.
Probably the graffiti of such city will be especially bright. The city authorities gathered 12 best graffiti masters and gave them money for paints and allowed to paint the walls however they like.
To understand the mood of advanced youngsters of Rio you have to walk along the streets of Lapa, go upstairs of Selerona stairs (another madman has made the whole staircase decorated with red tiles and patterns of various countries), go along the edge of favellas (quite risky) or go by a famous yellow tram and be watched on your way by painted citizens of Rio...

Some graffiti masters

Graffiti styles are numerous in the city.

Some classic ones

Rubens by his own eyes

Support of the team before the championship in South Africa

Afro Brasileira culture - talking sign

Rio is a wild mixture of graffiti, favellas, buisiness centers, temples looking like pyramids and ... leggy Brazilian chicks.

This one is truly epic! 20m long!
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