The Celestial Empire From Above

Sitting at the window in a plane is a good idea as you see. Another proof how wonderful our planet is, how many beautiful pieces like these it consists of.
This is how China looks from above, to be more precise, its smallest part, from the height of 1000-10000 meters.

The route of flying:
1. Moscow - Beijing
2. Beijing - Xian
3. Xian - Chengdu
4. Chengdu - Lhasa
5. Xining - Beijing
6. Beijing - Moscow
Tibetan Plateau has been shot too, but its highest part though, the Huang He river and other natural, geological and dwelling objects are on the photos.

Landing in Lhasa

The Hung He river is also called the Yellow river due to abundance of alluvia making the river yellowish. They are also the reason why the sea where the river flows into is called Yellow. The basin of the Huang He is considered to be the place of the Chinese ethnos formation.
To various data the length of the river is from 4670 km to 5464 km, its basin's area - from 745 thousand km² to 771 thousand km².

The Earth is so wonderful and still unknown and life is not enough to know it...
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