Crocus Festival In Germany

Krokusbl├╝tenfest is Crocus Festival in Husum city, Germany.
To enjoy sakura blossom people go to Japan, to enjoy all the beauty of crocuses blossom they go to a little city Husum, in the north of Germany.

On the territory of a small castle there are more than 4 millions of crocuses. And the flowers are wild, it is the only place of such "crocus paradise" on Earth. No wonder that such an unremarkable usually place incredibly changes in March and for some weeks attracts lots of lovers of spring beauty.
In the period of crocus blossom an annual festival is held. It is not limited to wonderful flowers only, but we are going to concentrate on them in the post.

The buds haven't broken yet.

In the sunnier places they break down earlier.

The sun rises higher and lights up millions of flowers around.

Sportsmen who like nordic walking are frequent visitors here.

Dogs have more rights here than people, they can do anything they want.

And birds..

Bees already sit on those flowers that have broken down.

People with cameras...

Ducks have special rights here too. First they sit hinding in the grass...

Then appear suddenly...

And attack people begging for some food.

There are more cocks then hens, so sometimes love has perverted forms.

And hens usually try to escape...

Or fly away.

Castle in the crocus blossom.

And some bellflowers among the crocuses.
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