Monaco: Rich Without Gold And Oil

Monaco resembles a seabirds colony who settled on the coastal rocks. The city literally sinks its teeth into the rock, and the density of its population is about 20 thousand people per 1 km2. 

Multilevel housing is being actively built in Monaco, probably it's a result of the acute shortage of the dwelling space.

The city is divided into three districts.
The district of Monaco - is a small accumulation of buildings on the cape, it's the place where the princely residence is situated.

The cape forms two small bays full of yachts and boats.

Either at night or in the daylight the view of the city is impressive!

Other districts of the city are comparatively new.

They lack that historic mold, you know...

The balconies are very cute, abundance of forged elements is so charming. 

Yachts sailing the sea.

It's not that simple to get from one street to another!

Such stairs become a prevention.

Faces of Monaco

A mirror plate reflecting the sky. Such plates have been placed not only in Monaco, though.

Wonderful fountains

The place to lose all your money ...

Expensive cars...

Plenty of hotels

Monaco doesn't have oil, gold, pure diamonds, but it has a lot of luxury cars, yachts, other attributes of wealthy life. It seems the secret of success is not in money at all...
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