Bricks Burning In A Chinese Province

  Hainan is a small Chinese province located on the tropical island. Somebody calls this place "the Eastern Hawaii" because the islands are on the same latitude and their climates are alike. Today we'll see how Hainan inhabitants make bricks.

A man loads finished bricks in trucks for sale.

Bricks, bricks...they are all over.

But how did they become so ruddy and red?

The first step is modeling of bricks in these special machines that work by the analogy with conveyors.

Workers transport clay bricks to kilns.

Inside a kiln. Bricks here are burnt at the temperature of 1200°C.

This is the final stage of bricks treatment. They are slowly cooled, because a sharp cooling process may lead to cracks.

It is too hot in kilns, so nobody can stay here for a long time. Or you may be burnt like a brick...

At the top of kilns there are special little holes.

Wood shavings, coal and wood are used as the fuel.

The fire from kilns is seen through holes.

Everything is under control!

Take notice of a woman and a girl that are loading bricks. Men are having a rest at that time.

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