Idling at the Flea Market of Hamburg

Ahead of Easter in all the districts of Hamburg people arrange flea markets. Near Kampnagel there is a market where many old things can be found. However Germans willingly buy secondhand items. Sometimes really worthy things may be bought inexpensively.

Mix of flowers and china.
Kampnagel - one of the boat stations in Hamburg.

"Calculating material - souvenirs production". Soviet propaganda has gone this far, to German flea markets...

Various tableware and pseudo-crystal. Many sellers are just happy to escape from home and idle here...

Attention! Toads!

Miele press! Feel the power of technologies!

Chairs, stools, cupboards - all of the middle of the 20th century - already antiques - right?

A wonderful composition - pails with a female head.

Germans love china...

... and science ... In 20 minutes this man had a line for his test tubes, measuring glass, bottles ...

Such a bottle is a cool gift to Russian Germans.

Guess what is this?

Sometimes the whole cupboards are sold with all staff inside.

Everyone may find something he/she would like.
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