Global Marijuana March 2011

Global Marijuana March is striking streets of Toronto again. Each first Saturday of May in many cities of the world people arrange an annual auction - Global Marijuana March demading to legalize marijuana for medical and personal use, to stop spreading lies about hemp and its derivatives, to cease arrests of its users.

The story of the fest numbers 12 years already.  300 cities of more than 40 countries of the world supported the auction in 2011. Hundreds and thousands of activists and fighters for smoking freedom of various derivatives of this annual bast-fibered plant of hemp family. Toronto is admitted to be the leader of the movement cause the streets of this Canadian city have been familiar to Marijuana fests as long as they exist - the first march took place here in 1999. Besides, marches of Toronto have always been distinguished by good attendance and high activity of participants. 2011 was not an exception. According to the data of the organizers and the local mass media about 25 thousand people took part in it! 

Hemp, thanks to psychoactive substances it contains, has served as a medical and not very medical substance for many years. The Middle East and India have learnt to use marijuana many thousand years ago. Conservative Europe took to this plant much later, in fact when it actively began to visit India - in the 19th century. And the 20th century was the start of fighting against marijuana. Almost all countries of the world regulate growing, sale and use of hemp. 

Everyone knows that the Netherlands is one of the few countries where hemp is allowed for free growing and sale. However, besides the Dutch, the similar laws are applied in Portugal, Chezh Republic, Spain, Jamaica, Canada, some states of the USA. Despite the fact that Canada is included in this list, at the legal level the matter of prohibition/authorization of hemp has been open for many years.

The crowd of many thousands coordinated by organizators and accompanied by servants of law and order, in puff, marched along the central streets of Toronto shouting various slogans and wishes. One of the demands was liberation of a super popular Canadian fighter for legalization of cannabis Marc Emery. The founder of different funds, organizer of various auctions and the leader of the Marijuana Party of Canada was arrested a couple of years ago at the order of The American Drug Enforcement Administration. 

It's clear the auction was rather friendly. The feeling of holiday influenced not only the participants, but numerous press photographers, dwellers of neighboring houses and passers-by. In the crowd various means of marijuana use could be seen. Hemp was shared right on the way, smoked and inhaled. 

Among the participants there were many teenagers, but according to the Canadian laws alcohol is prohobited from sale to persons younger than 21(!) years old, tabacco - younger than 18 (19 - in some provinces). 

Experienced marijuana users could also be seen in the crowd.

Some guys were true freaks.

And two shots as if taken from a horror film: episode 1...

episode 2:

Lennon is alive!

Some dandy

Leave clown

Police was regulating the march all the time.

The final was the hero if the day - an owner of 2 meters-long hemp tree.

How do you think will they ever achieve what they want? And do you want the same?
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