Obidos - The Majestic City of Portugal

Obidos is a Portugal city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is located 100 km north from Lisbon. The name is originated from the Latin word oppidum that means "fortress", "citadel". The city was founded by Celts and later invaded by the Romans, Visigoths and Moors. Only in the XII century the city came back to the possession of Portugal. Almost 100 years later, in 1282, king Dinis presented the city to his wife on their wedding day. It was a start of a wonderful and romantic tradition: till the XIX century Obidos was a part of marriage portion of all Portuguese queens. Today the city is called "the city of weddings": each year here come just-married couples for their honeymoons. Obidos is very pleasant for walks: paved streets, whitewashed walls of the houses, balconies with blossoming bougainvilleas and geraniums. Besides here is a preserved grand ancient castle.

There is a fortress towering over the settlement. From here the staircase is going up the city wall where one can enjoy wonderful city views. The fortress was rebuilt after being won back from the Moors in 1148.

Obidos is one of the brightest examples of medieval Portuguese fortresses. Like in ancient times, the entry to the city goes through the southern gates of the Virgin Mary decorated with Dutch tiles of the XVIII century.

In July - from 7th to 11th, then from 14th to 18th and finally from 21st to 25th - for 5 days and nights the city emerges in the Middle ages: all citizens and guests of the city wear medieval dresses, listen to medieval music, dance and play medieval performances. At the entry to the city money are changed to medieval one - or you won't be able to buy anything.

Here the annual chocolate festival takes place.

Sweet liquor Ginja is awesome! It is made from the fruit of the same name that grows in this area. Tastes like cherry. It's usually sold in small chocolate wine glasses that should be eaten after drinking the liquor. One glass costs 1 euro.

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