Amazing Miniature Wonderland

The miniature Wonderland - is a wonderful example of a hobby that transformed into good business. Enough to spend 500 000 man hours. A group of enthusiasts have been working on this parallel reality since 2009 and today we may see the result of their efforts.

Twin brothers Frederik Braun and Gerrit Braun wanted to amaze and impress people and they managed to do it in full. They've built the longest railway of Europe. The miniature one. The project started in 2000.

And in 2001 there appeared the first blocks of the wonderful country - Miniatur Wunderland.

To create this wonder they spent 8 millions euro and 700 kg of artificial grass, 4000 tons of steel and 558 000 hours of hard work.

Today Wonderland consists of seven theme parts located on the area of 1 thousand m2: Sweden, Knuffingen, Austria, Harz, Hamburg, America,  Scandinavia. 

In this world, like in the real one, people arrange concerts, holiday activities, strikes, accidents and fires happen, and fire engines arrive to extinguish them from all the ends of the toy country.

Trains and cars move like real ones.

Far north conditions

Superman is fighting!

Each 10 minutes day gives way to evening and night.

Everything is like in real life.

Find a hand of a zombie...

Even the water is real

Radio-controlled ships, find a head of a driver...

Something is happenning everywhere, life takes its normal course - and all this is wisely controlled by 40 computers.

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