Graffiti of Venezuela - Art Or Propaganda?

One of the brightest impressions from Venezuala is undoubtedly graffiti covering all accessible and not very accessible walls. A small collection devoted to the graffiti of Venezuela in this post.

One of the most popular characters of street art is Simon Bolivar. The national hero, leader in struggle for independence of the Spanish colonies. No wonder, his images are met very frequently.

He may be met in various depictions and different companies. Such graffiti is painted on purpose and by the order of the government. 

The year of 2011 is the anniversary year. юбилейный. 200 years ago, in 1811, Venezuela got independence. So the national hero is here and there.

Workers making the familiar image.

National flags are depicted more seldom. And the places are not so noticeable.

Another hero is the acting president Hugo Chavez. The builder of socialism and opponent of the USA. Low prices for fuel, free roads and cheap transport - Venezuelans love their president! 

As well as other fighters against capitalism.

In general, the theme of revolution is popular and can often be seen in graffiti.

There are some awesome historical masterpieces!

It seems sometimes that you don't go along the streets at the outskirts of the capital but in some gallery.

But not only socialist heroes and the president are depicted...

Portraits of America natives.

Our contemporary looks at them suspiciously.

Near with expensive mosaic of the center...

... there lives real street art, some shady characters paint graffiti here, you'd better not walk here in dark hours.

In poor blocks one may rent some walls and cover them with ads, for example.

Out of the city - pure agitation.

Why art should be restricted to the walls only!? Going by a bright colorful bus is more pleasant.

Religious topic is not so popular in the capital but it really is out of the city. But the church doesn't have so much money as the government, their artists are modest as well as the pictures.

And finally the hit! Jesus-hitchhiker!
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