Trace the History of Photography

The Latvian Museum of Photography honestly is rather small and modest. It has only two rooms joined by a short corridor. Actually, it more resembles a photo flea market than a museum. But still it's a very interesting place to visit even if you're not keen on photography.

In one of the rooms two old cameras are exhibited.

Beautiful devices.

If you think that your up-to-date camera performs the functions of all these handles, you're wrong - it simply doesn't have them. By the way, this camera makes pictures of a very high quality and may even compete with many of its modern digital analogues.

Along with the studio cameras here you can see some compact cameras of those years.

A photographic plate, a negative.

And a photograph.

Another negative.

An old home album.

At the dawn of the development of photography, its main commercial use was private shooting. Not all could afford to take a picture of themselves for memory...

Are you sure the 3D glasses appeared not long time ago?

The 3D camera of the same years.

Some newer compact cameras.

"Salute". This camera has already been used by previous generations (maybe your parents or grandparents remember it).

A light meter.

This narrow compact film was probably used in cameras with the prefix "micro".


An assortment of photographic plates.

A very trendy device. A spoon-nozzle for a pencil. When the reagents were being made of its components, it was necessary to make notes and trace all changes. 
Some reagents were sold in packages and you only had to add some water to them and that's it - they are ready for use.

Amateur enlargers.

Family albums.
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