Frighten Off the Evil Spirits

Auckland War Memorial Museum - quite an intersting place, it's not the Hermitage or the National Museum of Egypt, but it also has something to show and to tell. Its main exposition is devoted to all wars of the XX th century where New Zealanders took part, and they took part almost in all wars cause they always followed Great Britain... However, this time we are not going to discuss wars.
On the first floor of the museum there is an exposition of the ancient everyday life of close islanders (nearly all islands from New Zealand to the equator).  Their statuettes, sculptures, masks are all interesting. Maori (famous aboriginals) decorated doors of their houses with such masks, deterrent and creepy, that had to scare evil spirits or enemies away.

Masks and statuettes are kept under the glass, illumination of the museum gives many reflections.

Look at these faces...

They are awesome!

What if you see it at night?
And these are the buddhist statuettes of Asian peoples:

Why does Buddha have his eyes closed?

Prehistoric woman cut out of stone. She's cute.
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